CORPORATE cybersecurity

In a world of constant technological change, cybersecurity has become a major concern for businesses of all sizes. Cyber threats have become increasingly sophisticated, endangering not only companies’ sensitive data, but also their reputation and financial viability.

Understanding IT threats and cybersecurity

Cyber threats are many and diversified, ranging from phishing attacks to sophisticated malware such as ransomware. Cybercriminals use a variety of techniques to gain access to sensitive company data, thereby compromising their cybersecurity. It is essential for businesses to understand these threats and set up appropriate protection measures.

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting data, devices and networks from loss, damage or unauthorised access. It is a broad subject covering many different disciplines, technologies and concepts. Consequently, in recent years, cybersecurity has become an integral part of digital transformation, with technology playing a greater role in our lives.

Adopting a proactive approach

Modern cybersecurity solutions take a proactive approach to protecting networks, computers and data from hackers, social engineering scams and other threats.

Cybersecurity is a constant challenge for businesses, but by adopting a proactive approach and implementing appropriate protection measures, they can significantly reduce their exposure to cyber threats. 

In this way, by investing in cybersecurity now, you can avoid the disastrous consequences of a data breach.

Companies concerned by cybersecurity

Everyone. Cyber security concerns everyone, from multinationals and government organisations to small businesses and independent professionals. 

Every business, whatever its size or sector, is likely to face online threats. Moreover, that can compromise its security and reputation. 

By understanding who is affected by cybersecurity and taking proactive steps to protect sensitive data, businesses can reduce the risk of cyber attacks and ensure the security and sustainability of their business.

Some safety measures to implement

To protect your data effectively, it is important to identify the digital assets of your business that are likely to contain confidential information. Then, to identify the weak points that could be exploited by cybercriminals.


Raising employee awareness is crucial to combating cybersecurity threats and protecting your sensitive information. Furthermore, training your employees in best practice for managing their passwords, detecting threats and securing their working environment is essential to reinforce vigilance in the face of attacks.


The protection of used data daily by the company can be ensured by internal software and protocols such as anti-virus, data encryption, strong authentication and threat detection systems.


Managing obsolete data in the face of cyber attacks has become a major issue, particularly with the new RGPD regulations. Moreover, to deal with this, it is essential to implement data destruction measures. This can be achieved either by destroying the media on which the data is stored, or by securely wiping the data itself.

How do you delete outdated data ?

Definitive destruction: Physical destruction of media carriers

One of the most effective methods of permanently eliminating data is the physical media destruction. Indeed, by securely destroying hard disks, CDs, DVDs and other storage media, companies can ensure that the information they contain cannot be recovered under any circumstances.

Furthermore, this is a crucial step in the data management process, especially when these media are no longer required. It can be done by purchasing a shredder directly on site or by using an IT media destruction service.

Reuse : Secure data wiping from media carriers

If the company wishes to destroy the data permanently but reuse the media, data erasure is the most appropriate solution. Indeed, this method allows the equipment to be reallocated internally, resold or donated. 

At the end, secure data wiping is also essential to protect sensitive information. Companies must use certified erasure methods to ensure that all data is completely deleted and cannot be recovered at a later date.

Do you need secure media destruction or data wiping ?

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