Our destruction and data wiping services

Katana Digital offers customised destruction and data wiping solutions, complemented by options tailored to your needs (battery removal, handling, video recording, high-security destruction), as well as the use of cutting-edge software to ensure complete data destruction.

Physical destruction of digital media

Digital data wiping

Sale of professional shredders

Our benefits at a glance


Specialising in on-site media and data destruction for 20 years


ISO 9001, ISO 21964/DIN 66399,


100% certified processes and state-of-the-art software


Uniform service throughout across Europe


Solutions for SMEs and multinationals alike


Recycling of residues in collaboration with approved recyclers


Helping companies comply with the GDPR


A team dedicated to the research and development of our services

KATANA DIGITAL works with cutting-edge tools

Inventory your media with our mobile application

Discover our application, available on IOS and Android, which simplifies the inventory of your IT equipment. Thanks to its barcode scanning function, you can easily register and organise your peripherals, ensuring efficient management and accurate tracking of your equipment.

Choose your cut sizes with our destruction service

Our destruction service gives you access to different cut sizes, all certified by the confidential data protection standard ISO 21964 / DIN 66399 , depending on the confidentiality of the data and the level of security required.

Efficient data wiping with Blancco software

Blancco Technology group is the world leader in secure, compliant and automated data erasure solutions. Globally endorsed, recommended and certified by senior management and industry bodies around the world, Blancco is the global standard for IT lifecycle management.

Do you need secure destruction or data wiping ?

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