ISO 21964 | DIN 66399

ISO 21964, also known as DIN 66399, sets out the classes of protection, types of data media and security levels for the destruction of media containing confidential information.

Standard ISO 21964 (also known as DIN 66399) defines the different classes of protection, categories of data media and levels of security for the destruction of media containing confidential data.

With new technologies, confidential data can be stored on many different types of media (paper, hard disks, tapes, etc.) and their destruction can be classified according to different levels of security defined according to the difficulty of reconstituting the information after the media has been destroyed. Data media are classifies into 6 categories by ISO 21964, each represented by a letter.

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ISO 21 964

Supported media

Paper (P)

Documents, Archives

Optics (O)

CD, DVD, Blu-ray

Magnétic (T)

floppy disks, credit cards magnetic tapes

Digital (H)

Hard disks, laptops (without SSD)

Electronics (E)

Flash media, memory cards, smart cards, USB sticks, SSD disks, phones and tablets

Films (F)

Reduced-size films or files

The different levels of security

The different classes of protection

3 classes of protection are provided by the ISO 21964 standard : normal, high and very high. Indeed, they determine the level of sensitivity of the data by means of a classification (internal, confidential or secret data) and enable everyone to know what level of security is required for the destruction of their data.

Classe 1

NEED FOR PROTECTION: Normal SECURITY LEVEL: 1,2,3 USE: Internal documents, accessible by a large number of employees. Example: circulars, newsletters

Classe 2

NEED FOR PROTECTION: High SECURITY LEVEL: 3,4,5 USE: Confidential documents with restricted access. Examples: personal data, memos

Classe 3

NEED FOR PROTECTION: Very High SECURITY LEVEL: 4,5,6,7 USE: Secret documents, accessible only by a few employees. Examples: R&D documents

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