our certifications

Katana Digital attaches great importance to information security and social responsibility in all its operations, which is reflected in the group’s various certifications and affiliations.

Group Certifications

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 certification (quality management) enables us to improve service quality by following internationally recognized standards. Moreover, this certification attests to our commitment to quality and continuous process improvement. Additionally, it highlights the importance we place on customer satisfaction.

Katana Holding SA has held ISO 9001 certification since 2015.

ISO 21964 / DIN 66399

Our shredder trucks are all ISO 21964 certified. Thus, we assure customers that sensitive data on end-of-life IT media is destroyed securely. This certification highlights the importance we place on secure information management. Additionally, it ensures the destruction of confidential media according to international standards.


At group level, we have been a founding member of NAID  Europe for over 16 years. Therefore, this membership demonstrates our ongoing commitment to the highest standards of secure information destruction across Europe. Furthermore, this certification shows our dedication to secure information destruction and adherence to rigorous data protection standards.


The Katana Holding SA group, which includes Katana Digital, has been Myclimate certified since 2022. MyClimate is a label awarded to organisations that meet rigorous standards for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction and environmental sustainability. Therefore, this certification highlights our commitment to reducing our CO2 emissions and promoting more sustainable practices.

Local Certifications

Our local certifications guarantee compliance with the specific standards and regulations of each country. They reflect our commitment to local markets and optimise our internal processes, taking into account the specific characteristics of each region in which we operate.


We have been an i-SIGMA (International Secure Information Governance & Management Association) member since 2022. This membership reflects our desire to play an active part in initiatives to promote information security and encourage best practice in this area.

Currently certified in Switzerland, we aim to extend this certification to France and the Netherlands over the next 3 years.


Since 2023, we have been a signatory of the “Responsible supplier relations and purchasing” charter drawn up by the Médiation des Entreprises. This charter underlines our firm belief that information security and social issues are closely linked. By respecting this charter, we commit to adopting responsible practices in our relations with our suppliers and in our purchasing processes, taking account of social, ethical and governance aspects.

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