Katana Digital, a committed company

At Katana, our commitments to environmental protection and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is at the heart of your approach ! We are aware of the environmental challenges facing our planet and are determined to act responsibly. Our aim is to promote sustainable practices, reduce our carbon footprint and preserve our ecosystem. In addition to our environmental commitment, we also value social and professional inclusion by working with organisations such as Yojoa to offer training and professional integration opportunities to talented young people. Katana Digital’s destruction solutions are simple, secure and risk-free because everything is destroyed directly on site.

Katana Digital and Myclimate

As part of our commitment to climate protection, we have been working with Myclimate since 2021.

MyClimate is a Swiss non-profit organisation that works to protect the climate by setting up projects to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and offset carbon. The principle of carbon offsetting is to invest in projects that reduce GHG emissions elsewhere, in order to offset the emissions generated by a given activity.

Our green projects

In 2022, we have chosen to voluntarily offset all our CO2 emissions, which total 479 tonnes, by contributing to projects of high environmental and social value in collaboration with Myclimate.

Hydroelectric power plant (Vietnam)

The first project supported is the construction of a mini-hydro plant in Vietnam, in one of the country’s poorest regions. This plant supplies renewable electricity to the national grid and reduces energy consumption from fossil fuels.

The construction of the plant has created twenty-four local jobs and provided the local population with access to electricity. This project therefore contributes to both sustainable development and the fight against climate change.

Biodiversity (Uganda)

The second project encourages small farmers in western Uganda to better manage existing community forests and plant new trees for sustainable land use, while protecting biodiversity.

The project also aims to build local capacity in eco-tourism, agriculture, bee-keeping and handicrafts through a micro-credit scheme. This project therefore helps to combat deforestation and poverty, while also contributing to the fight against climate change.

Our social commitment

As a company committed to vocational training and the integration of talented young people, we are proud to be recognised by the OFPC (Office pour l’orientation, la formation professionnelle et continue) and to be working with the Yojoa association to give talented young people a professional opportunity.


We offer apprenticeship opportunities to business school students, contributing to their professional development while they continue their education.

We firmly believe in the importance of work experience in students’ educational careers. Therefore, in collaboration with the OFPC, we enable these talented young people to apply their academic knowledge practically within our company.

This partnership provides a real and rewarding environment where they develop practical skills and actively contribute to our projects and sustainability mission.

We are delighted to offer these students meaningful and rewarding work experience. As a training company, we commit to mentoring and supporting them throughout their apprenticeship, helping them develop professionally.


Since 2021, our collaboration with the Yojoa Association illustrates our desire to create a positive and lasting impact in society by investing in the future of young talent. With this in mind, we donate 1% of our sales to support the association’s initiatives and contribute to its work to promote social inclusion.

Our partnership with the Yojoa Association has enabled us to demonstrate this commitment by recruiting two apprentices. These apprentices, from different schools, benefit from enriching professional experience while continuing their theoretical training.

Working in different companies, they apply their knowledge and develop practical skills alongside our team. Thus, they actively contribute to our projects and our sustainability mission.

This collaboration shows our commitment to social responsibility and our belief that companies play an important role in sustainable development. By donating 1% of our turnover, we support the Yojoa Association’s initiatives and actively contribute to a better future, reinforcing our commitment to social and professional inclusion.

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