Deleting confidential data by destroying media and wiping data are crucial elements in preserving the confidentiality of sensitive information. To help you, here are some useful information. Indeed, it is based on three key concepts:


Businesses need to ensure that data is permanently deleted from digital media to prevent unauthorised access or data breaches. This preventive measure reduces the risk of hacking and identity theft, thereby enhancing data security and customer confidence.

GDPR compliance

The appropriate destruction of data is an essential requirement. This EU legislation requires companies to ensure the secure deletion of personal data once it is no longer required or consent has been withdrawn. By complying with these standards, organisations demonstrate their commitment to protecting the privacy of individuals, thereby avoiding potential fines and sanctions.

About CSR

From a corporate social responsibility (CSR) perspective, the secure destruction of media and the erasure of data contribute to responsible information management. By adopting environmentally-friendly practices and preserving data confidentiality, companies demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and respect for individual rights, thereby strengthening their reputation and legitimacy in society.

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