Trust us with the security of your digital data. At Katana Digital, we are committed to providing reliable and secure destruction and data wiping services that meet the strictest standards, ensuring the confidentiality of even the most sensitive data. Our comprehensive, tailor-made solution provides effective protection for businesses of all sizes and in all industries, with no limit to the amount of data to be erased or media to be destroyed.

Physical destruction of digital media

Find out more about our on-site physical destruction service for IT media. It guarantees 100% secure destruction thanks to its unique shredding trucks, strict procedures and specialist teams. Additionally, our dedicated application and web portal ensure full traceability of your IT media, enabling you to monitor every stage of the destruction process. 

Digital data wiping

Give your IT hardware a second life by choosing our secure data wiping service with Blancco, the leading data erasure software. Moreover, our erasure process ensures total data security using certified Blancco Drive Eraser software. Additionally, each operation is recorded in a detailed report, providing complete transparency on the erasure status of your sensitive data.

Sale of professional shredders

Discover the MAXXeGUARD high-security hard disk shredder. As an authorised distributor, Katana Digital can help you acquire a silent shredder that is suitable for office environments. Furthermore, it provides total security and traceability. Thanks to its adjustable cutting sizes and unique knife design, the MAXXeGUARD shredder enables you to achieve the highest safety standards.

Do you need secure destruction or data wiping ?

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